I designed Elevation Coaching specifically for high achievers – women who have done incredible things – who are now beginning to wonder what they need to drop in order to experience the spaciousness and time they so deeply yearn for in their lives.

Women who are questioning what they should let go of, where they should be investing their energy because life has changed and changed them.

They value their time and their loved ones deeply. They are questioning their next big goal, dream or opportunity – they aren’t willing to pay a big price tag of guilt, burnout, overwhelm or regret; they crave spaciousness. They also have an aching feeling that they are here to do big things.

They feel endless inspiration. There is so much to do.

Can you relate?

It is not necessary to feel trapped in your choices. If you are feeling internal chaos, this means you are READY to usher in a new way of being.

What if you could hold up a lens of clarity through which to view all of your thoughts, choices and decisions? How would this change things for you?

I have been a stay at home mama, surrogate mama, attachment parenting homeschooling mama…all of which have brought me home to the necessity of connection on all levels for a thriving experience.

I have extensive experience managing large projects, budgets, focus groups, events, stakeholder relationships and of course, coaching.

I was the overworked, overwhelmed overachiever. I truly believed I had to make one choice at the expense of another. I now show women how to dismantle the scaffolding behind the ‘this-or-that’ choices we have been conditioned to accept and how to experience relief, calm, spaciousness and contribution like they never have before.

I’ve interviewed dozens of expert authors, coaches and business owners on what it takes to lead an abundant, successful life (view them here).

I coach high performing, soulful women 1-1 and in the Elevation Circle Mastermind. 

If you are a creative, luminary, entrepreneur or soulful woman on a mission for change and you have hit a ceiling that you have tried everything to navigate – let’s connect. 

My unique coaching approach is a blend of intuitive and practical and includes uncovering and activating the personal growth that will create your success with effortless ease alongside the concrete strategy necessary to realize your goals.