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Dear Modern Mindful Woman,

The pressure you feel to do and be it all is not sustainable. In your heart you know there exists another way. The Elevation Circle is the place for that vision to come alive so that you can live and breathe it NOW.

The Elevation Circle Mastermind is all about accessing that rising tide within ourselves and creating sacred space to listen to, nurture, and take action from a place of fierce devotion to your dreams.

Traditional business coaching and time-management tools don’t take into account your unique combination of gifts, skills and talents and the TRUTH that you are here to forge a path forward in your own unique way.

Innovative concepts and ideas are not born from rule-followers.

Your business is an extension of you and I believe it is in your life to serve you first. This radical way of viewing your work can and will transform your experience of business and life – and deepen the level of service you bring to your clients in an incredibly magnetic and impactful way.

The Elevation Circle invites you to access your potent creative centre. This is the space where you can drop the rope in the tug-of-war between your business and family and step into a holistic space where the time for what you desire most exists.

If you are no longer willing to tolerate the struggle you feel in your business and you DESIRE WITH ALL YOUR HEART to feel the peace and fulfillment that comes from your business serving you first, claim your Elevation Circle Activation Call HERE to explore whether the Elevation Circle is right for you.

Inside the Elevation Circle, you will get crystal clear on your personal vision and how your business can best support you.  From there, we will put together a plan to shift you into this new reality.

Your own personal growth will be required, along with commitment to your goals and persistent, consistent action.

You will receive all of the coaching, encouragement, accountability and network support you need along the way.

This is where you get to R*I*S*E up in a very big way to meet the fullness of your vision.

You won’t be alone, not for a second. With your community of soulful sisters and coaching from Susy, you will have everything you need to rise to the occasion.

You will witness the potent energetic power your expectation and belief creates when combined with right aligned action and a mindful community of women who are rooting for your success.

This is NOT about doing more, doing it all, or living into someone else’s ideal.

This IS about listening deeply to what is right and true for YOU and creating the shifts and space, physically, emotionally and spiritually, for what you desire to arrive.

If you have an established business, it doesn’t matter the size – as long as you love what you do and your clients are getting amazing results from working with you. You are ready to step into deeply understanding how your business is here to SERVE YOU.

When you embody what this means for you and what you value most in your life, your relationship with time and effort will dramatically transform. The work you are here to do with your clients will deepen.

The vision you hold right now for how this could all look will become your experience in the here and now.

At the centre of all of this, is you.

You have the capability to transform your experience, your connection, your results by valuing yourself fully, first, and understanding your relationship to the cyclical nature of your productivity and growth.


Maybe you’ve been chasing an ideal that you now realize you don’t actually want.

Maybe your life has shifted and you are in a different season than when you started out, or when you created the model you are currently working under, and your business needs to be tweaked and adjusted to meet you where you are at right now.

Either way, your time is now.

The Elevation Circle was designed to bring together powerhouse women on a mission for change. Mindful women who desire a holistic approach to business and life. Women who aren’t interested in the status quo, who push the limits for what can be done and how, who deeply value their time and energetic reserves. Women who dare to lead from their highest good, trusting that it is the highest good for all involved.

If this Circle is something you would like to explore, please tell me a bit more about yourself HERE and from there we will schedule a time to discuss your vision and whether the Elevation Circle is the right fit for you to achieve your goals in 2019.

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